Philip YoungPY

Hello. 🤓

Let's get to know each other!

My name is Philip Young 👋. I'm a multidisciplinary designer and developer from Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩.

I was trusted to handle various projects. To name a few: formulating brand guideline for Indonesian mini market—Sanmart, creating brand identity and product design for, and designing photo essays website for doyoutravel (1.8M followers).

You can find my other works on Behance and Dribbble 🙇.

From web development side; I'm comfortable with React, Redux, RXJS Observable Pattern, Node.js, SASS, and PostgreSQL. You can see my side projects on Github.

Current active side project ⚡️: typography combination, color picker, and calendar generator.

If you've read this far, let's be friends! I want to know more about you ☺️. Say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or send a message to 🙏.

I'm currently accepting short and long term design & development project. Hit me up 🔥.

4 November 2016

All blogposts—gone 😭

My blog posts from last 3 years are all gone. The hosting provider told that they didn't kept any backup (lesson learned: backup). Meanwhile, I tried to ...

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14 September 2016

How to change your life: Start changing your environment

John just got home after a long meeting. He opens his apartment studio and scans the surrounding. There’s his bluetooth speaker, camera, iPad, and his favori...

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21 March 2015

Employed Vs Self Employed: My Decision After Graduation

2015 is one of my productive and life changing year ever. I learned a ton, achieved a ton, and sadly—lost tons of time here. This is also the same year I gra...

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25 August 2014

Definition of Design—and The Difference With Art

What is design?

Society interpret design as sketches, painting, packaging. Some of them take it as a product—camera, phone, sofa, and chairs. It's...

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