Philip YoungPY

Philip Young is a product designer from Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩.

He learned to love design after attending branding class at Prasetiya Mulya University. He has been designing ever since. Selected works are available on Behance 🙇.

Seeing his passion, he was trusted to handle various projects. To name a few: formulating a brand guideline an Indonesian mimimarket Sanmart and designing his university's olympics identity and sport mascot. Now he is doing research, designing product 🔧, and brand identity for

To master his craft, Philip also learn web development on 2016 💻. He is comfortable with React, Redux, RXJS Observable Pattern, Node.js, SASS, and PostgreSQL. He uploaded his side projects on Github.

Current active side project ⚡️: typography combination, color picker, and calendar generator.

If you've read this far, let's be friends! Say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or send a message to 🙏.

4 November 2016

All blogposts—gone 😭

My blog posts from last 3 years are all gone. The hosting provider told that they didn't kept any backup (lesson learned: backup). Meanwhile, I tried to ...

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14 September 2016

How to change your life: Start changing your environment

John just got home after a long meeting. He opens his apartment studio and scans the surrounding. There’s his bluetooth speaker, camera, iPad, and his favori...

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21 March 2016

Employed Vs Self Employed: My Decision After Graduation

2015 is one of my productive and life changing year ever. I learned a ton, achieved a ton, and sadly—lost tons of time here. This is also the same year I gra...

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25 August 2014

Definition of Design—and The Difference With Art

What is design?

Society interpret design as sketches, painting, packaging. Some of them take it as a product—camera, phone, sofa, and chairs. It's...

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