Philip Young—
Designer & Developer.

I'm currently accepting short and long term design & development project.Hit me up 🔥.

Hi 👋. My name is Philip; I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and developer from Jakarta, Indonesia 🇮🇩.

I was trusted to handle various projects. To name a few: formulating brand guideline for Indonesian mini market—Sanmart, creating brand identity and product design for, and designing photo essays website for doyoutravel (1.8M followers).

From web development side; I'm comfortable with React, Redux, RXJS Observable Pattern, Node.js, SASS, and PostgreSQL. You can see my side projects on Github.

Current active side project ⚡️: typography combination, color picker, and calendar generator.

If you've read this far, let's be friends! I want to know more about you ☺️. Say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or send a message to 🙏.




  • phone: +62-811-9620-100
  • email: