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Not accepting any long term project at the moment.

Have an exciting project at later date? Can my skillsets help you?

Then, let's connect.

Hi! My name is Philip Young and I'm a multi-disciplinary designer and full stack developer from Jakarta, Indonesia. 🇮🇩

I ran my own design & development studio and have worked with diverse clients from all over the world. 🇺🇸 🇨🇭 🇫🇷 .

In the past, I've made a brand identity for local mini market—Sanmart, developing brand identity and product design for, and designing photo essays website for Instagram influencer, doyoutravel

Right now, I'm working closely with infrastructure monitoring company based in San Fransisco 🇺🇸— LightStep—on front-end development (React) and UX/UI design.

From web development side; I'm comfortable with React, Redux, RXJS Observable Pattern, Node.js, SASS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Firebase. Some of side projects could be seen on Github.

Current active side project ⚡️: Contextual (personal task manager), and typography combination

If you've read this far, let's connect. Say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or send a message to💯


Project section are in progress.


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Website redesign for Jack Morris, Instagram influencer with 1.8M followers.

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