How a Small Favor to Others, Changed My Whole Life

About three weeks ago, one of my college friend asked me to accompany him to local computer store and get a new laptop. I got nothing else to do so I agreed and went with him to International Trade Center in BSD City.

We check the price, compare the specs, weighting the pro/cons between model—and at last, come to decision. He is interested on a Lenovo. I mean, two Lenovos. It takes quite a long time for him to decide which one were better. Impatient, I persuade him to choose one of them—just because I wanted to get home soon.

At last, he choose the one with better specs and dumped the better—designed one. Can’t believe someone could be so rational. Quite impressed. Happy with the decision, the salesman asked him whether he wanted to install a counterfeit software (It was normal here in Indonesia). It didn’t take long for him to say yes.

I’m really mad at the time, not only because he installs the counterfeit software, but because he violates my personal time. I mean, c’mon man. Why don’t you just download it from your home? I want to go home.

But, there he goes. I can’t wait much longer, so I told him I’ll wait for him on cafeteria with cynical voice tone.

Around 20 minutes later, he came and told me that he run out of money. This is really my tipping point. I got really mad—that I can’t talk anymore and just smile bitterly. We went down, pay some of it with my money, and went to parking lot.

He can’t stop saying thank you and sorry for a while. We chatted a bit, and at last, he told me.

“This is the first time I purchased something which priced more than USD 200. That’s why I’m very excited.”

I got stoned. I can’t believe it. How could someone aged over 20 buy things more than USD 200 for the first time in his life? It doesn’t make any sense. Our college fee were priced more than USD 300 per month—which is very expensive in Indonesia. So, it’s pretty much bullshit to me.

Curious, I asked him about his personal life—and surprisingly, he told me everything about his family. Believe me, it wasn’t a happy ending.

I felt really guilty at that time, and can’t stop thinking about him. Compared to him, I should’ve been more grateful to everything that I got in my life. I got everything I wanted. I can achieve things that people thought impossible. I got a very loving family and live sufficiently.

Next time you’re whining, remember this story. Don’t judge people. Every favor that you do to others, no matter how small, no matter how much do you think it doesn’t matter—actually means a world to them.

Thanks to him, I’m more appreciative to life right now—and more self-confident than ever about myself. Life work wonders.

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